Verb optimization for Maniac Mansion

I’ve tried to optimize the number of verbs from Maniac Mansion, here’s the result:

Maniac Mansion verbs

Here we went from 12 buttons to 9, from 4 columns to 3, Push and Pull could’ve been merged but I’ve decided to keep them separated to keep the visual structure of the verbs, push and pulls are actions different enough to justify the separation of them.

The optimization is based on antonyms:

  • You cannot give what you don’t have, and you cannot get what you already have, so when you use the Give/Get verb, you GET what you don’t have (in your inventory) and you GIVE what you do have.
  • You cannot open what’s already open, and you cannot close what’s already close, when you use the Open/Close verb, you open what’s closed, and you close what’s open.
  • You cannot turn off what’s already turned off, same logic for turning on, when you use Turn On/Off, you turn on what’s off, and you turn off what’s on.
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