Senior Asdcape

This is the game I’ve worked as an environment, prop and GUI artist in the Global Game Jam 2019.

This is the main screen of the game, for this screen I’ve only made the background, starting from the tileable background of the main game.

Albert is tired of living in a retirement home and attempts a daring escape from his caretakers. Help him attain his freedom while dodging diverse obstacles, cars and avoiding being caught. Press ASD in sequence to walk at different speeds and the top and down arrow to cross from the sidewalk to the street.

This is a mockup of what the game should look like, as we had only 48 hours to make the game, we weren’t able to implement all the graphics on the engine. I’ve made everything but the character, the background is tileable.
Those are the props and GUI elements I’ve made, the skull is for the game over screen.

You can play the game here!