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This is the 4th time I participate in a Global Game Jam, and the first time I’ve participated as a pixel artist. Our game is called Repairate, you play as a pirate who needs to repair the ship and heal your crew to reach a treasure island.

I mainly worked in the GUI and environment, in the image above I’ve made all except for the ship, which was made by Javier Leal.

In the top left, you have two GUI elements, one is for the health of the ship, which is made of two layers, and the other one is the stamina of your pirate, which has three layers (the base, the liquid, the highlight.)

At the bottom, you have a scroll that shows your progress, when you reach the island, you win.

The parallax is made of several layers, one layer of tileable waves at the front, another one behind the boat, a calm sea at the horizon, with elements as a wrecked boat and a desolate island that spawn randomly, in the sky, there’s a tileable background with big cumulus clouds, and 3 single clouds that spawn randomly.

This was a fire animation/particle that I’ve made for the game, this was made with Pixel FX Designer.

For most of the stuff I’ve used AA, which is a technique I didn’t used vastly previously, so I decided to give it a try this jam.

Here’s the rest of the awesome team I’ve worked with:

Samuel Noble
Nicolas Purgat

Javier Leal
Pablo Perez (Logotype, menus and characters)
Simón Sanchez