Fixing The Legend of Zelda Interface

The Legend of Zelda interface

When I played the first The Legend of Zelda I was amazed at how the interface was structured, so here’s my attempt at fixing it (of course, it can be fixed further.)

  1. Moving the whole interface to be centered in the black margin
  2. Horizontally spacing the main sections (map, resources, items, life)
  3. Vertically spacing the resources and horizontally separating the resource graphic from the amount
  4. Trying to center the bomb (vertically) in the item box, the sword could also be centered horizontally
  5. Moving the hearts up, you can acquire more hearts, in the original game they stack from left to right and then stack up when reaching the right limit, it makes more sense to be right -> down

Those adjustment weren’t made at the original pixel art resolution of the NES, but they can be easily adapted to low resolutions.

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