Emulating The Witcher 2 Draug’s voice with Audacity

When I first played The Witcher 2, I was amazed at the voice of a character called the Draug, he has the really deep and bassy voice that you can hear in the video above. So I’ve tried to re-create it in Audacity.

The way I’ve managed to reach a similar effect to that voice is:

  1. Starting with a recorded voice, decreasing the pitch, decreasing the velocity and compressing if needed.
  2. Duplicate the track, decrease pitch again, decrease velocity, apply and EQ with boost bass and decrease mids and highs.
  3. Duplicate, add a decently sized reverb, apply EQ again, and amplify if needed
  4. Duplicate again, pitch, EQ, compressor
  5. Merge all the tracks, normalize and compressor.

You don’t have the need to make it manually, as I’ve created an Audacity macro that does all of that automatically for you (and you can of course tune it to your liking)

Get it here!

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